The Bachelor in Paradise cast was announced the other day and given the contestants, I haven’t even been able to work up enough enthusiasm to write about it until now.  I’m still not excited, but it’s this or going to the gym.  I decided on this because of the severe thunderstorm currently banging loudly outside right now.

My biggest complaint for this season is why did they choose these guys?  I mean come on– Mikey?  Also, why are there eight girls and only three guys?  I’m sure that will change once the show begins, but it doesn’t get me excited to watch it, especially given the cast members willing to allow Fleiss to twist their words and show their heartaches and drama on national TV.  I was looking forward to something fun and romantic.  I don’t see that happening with this cast.  Drama?  Yes.  However, they need to bring in a lot more people for romance and entertainment.

Here is the cast for this season:

Jillian Anderson Jillian Anderson —I think she was the gym junkie who didn’t stop talking after her mud date with Chris Soules.

Ashley Salter Ashley Salter—Haha!  Can’t wait to see the onion girl again!  She should add some fun to this lame cast.

Jade Roper Jade Roper—She came off as the quiet one to Chris Soules, but he learned she wasn’t so shy when she took him to meet her family.  In fact, she showed him her completely nude modeling pictures on the computer.  He dumped her at the next Rose Ceremony.

Carly Waddell Carly Waddell—She’s the cruise ship singer who told Chris Soules that Britt was playing him.  Maybe she’ll keep her mouth shut when it comes to the drama on Bachelor in Paradise.  Doubt it, but it’s possible.

Clare Crawley Clare Crawley—She told off Juan Pablo at the final Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor.  She told off Ashley F. last summer on Bachelor in Paradise.  I look forward to seeing who she tells off this summer.  Grant it, both times were for good reason, but she’s feisty and doesn’t take crap from anyone.  There will probably be someone.

Ashely Iaconetti Ashely Iaconetti—Eyelashes girl that Chris Soules left stranded in the dessert with the girl who talked about her dead husband in a really weird way.

tenley Tenley Molzhan—Why is the Disney Princess who snagged Kiptyn on the Bachelor Pad, after she was let go by Jake Pavelka in the finale, back on a Bachelor Nation show to find love again?  She’s sweet, but next…

Juelia Kinney Juelia Kinney—Did her parents want her to go through life with her name misspelled by everyone?  Yeesh, what a spelling.  She’s the single mom that wasn’t right for Chris Soules.

Dan Cox Dan Cox—His bio says he ripped his pants on Desiree’s season, but I don’t remember him or the incident.

Kirk Dewindt Kirk DeWindt—He was a nice guy on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette, but his father was creepy with his stuffed dead animals.  Yes, I know that’s what taxidermists do, but that doesn’t stop it from being creepy.

Mikey Tenerelli Mikey Tenerelli—Why did they bring this guy back?  I had more than enough of him when I watched him as one the season’s douchebags on Desiree’s season.  Besides, didn’t he score all the girls he wanted to take out on his boat once he went back home??

Well, that’s the cast that’s starting this season.  Are you as excited as I am?  Something needs to change if I’m going to watch it this season.  Who would you like to see on this season of Bachelor in Paradise?