The Bachelorette Season 11 begins tonight with Britt and Kaitlyn.  At the beginning of the show, both women will be introduced as the bachelorettes, but with the twist, by the end of the night, only one will remain.  That person will be determined by the bachelors and who they would like to vie for on this season of the show.Chris Harrison

Is this twist sexist and degrading?  Many viewers claim it is, including members of the Bachelor Nation family.

When the twist was revealed, Sean Lowe didn’t hold back his thoughts on the subject.

“It’s downright degrading for the women—for the two chosen and the women watching at home,” he wrote on his blog. “This move transfers the power back to the men on the show specifically designed for the women. As one tweet said, ‘Once again, you’ll have women competing for the attention of men.'”

However, Chris Harrison made his rounds today and gave his thoughts on the subject.  He said that the same twist was done years ago on Season 5 of The Bachelor.

Sure, because it’s been done before by men, it’s not sexist or degrading.  Right, Chris.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Sound off in the comments section below and have your voice heard.