This season of The Bachelorette, starring Jojo Fletcher, has been, well, boring with overdone drama.  The first night seemed like it would be a decent season, but after that, it went down hill quickly and stayed there until week five.

This season has been all about drama and kissing, and nothing about romance.  It was so bad, I never completely watched the last two episodes.  I tried.  In fact, I attempted to watch week four’s episode three times, and never made my way through the entire show.  I thought I was done with this season.  However, since the drama king, Chad was finally booted, I figured I would give it one more try.

It was worth the effort, because week five was actually worth watching.  Sure, it was awkward when she had to beg for kisses from Wells in the date card.  It was even worse given the whole date was him on edge about when he should kiss her.  I was torn between laughing and feeling bad for him.  It was obvious he was going to get dumped during the entire date.  In fact, before the date even began.  Jojo exudes sexuality.  Wells doesn’t.  Plus, if they didn’t ignite enough passion between them before this date to share a kiss, it wasn’t going to be worthwhile.


After that date, the rest of the show actually boasted some romance.  The group date seemed relaxed and fun.  Well, until Jordan and James had a tiff over James telling Jojo that Jordan acted “entitled.”  Wow, that was a lot of J’s.  Anyways, that is at least normal drama on The Bachelorette.

On the next date, the dancing was sexy, as it should have been.  Even though it was a two-on-one date, or maybe because it was one.  It turned it into a duel on hardwood floors.  After she shocked Derek and sent him packing, one of the most romantic moments of the season occurred.  Jojo and Chase made out to Soledad Pastorutti singing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.”  Pastorutti’s performance was so great, I still would’ve considered it one of the best moments of the season, even if the couple had no chemistry.  The fact that they did made it all the more fun to watch.


The Rose Ceremony was interesting this week, because she was torn between eliminating Alex and James, and opted to keep both of them.  Good for her.  The show gets more drama from her decision.  She has more men to kiss.  It makes for what the producers consider a good show.

As long as they keep the drama under control, and add a dash of romance, I’ll stay tuned in.  Will you?