When Chris Harrison announced on The Bachelor that both Britt and Kaitlyn would both be on The Bachelorette, the fans went crazy.  There was opposition to the two women being pitted against each other, even by some of the Bachelor Nation family members.  There were some people who wanted just one of them as the bachelorette.  There were others who wanted both to star in the show together.  Then, there were still others who wanted neither one of them.ABC-Bachelorette-2015-Britt-Nilsson-Kaitlyn-Bristowe-665x385

Personally, I wanted to see how it would work with two women.  There is already so much wasted time on the show with drama I’m not interested in seeing, I thought they could easily fit dates with two bachelorettes on the show, if they stopped showing us the cattiness between the contestants.  The lead always has a hard time, especially near the end of the show.  It would be nice if they had each other for girl talk.

Unfortunately, it’s Britt against Kaitlyn.  The guys get to choose who they want as the lead.  Personally, I’m rooting for Kaitlyn.  She’s fun and feisty, so I think she’ll be the more entertaining bachelorette.

Today, abc.go.com released the bachelors who would get to pick who they wanted as the bachelorette to compete for on the show.  I thought it would be fun to go through their profiles and decide if they’re a better fit for Britt or Kaitlyn based upon their answers to the questions posted, and also their looks—not how good looking they are but do they have a twinkle in their eyes and how do they hold themselves?

Ben H  Ben H.—I can’t decide if he looks more like Donnie Osmond, Peter Brady, or Andrew Firestone.  What do you think?  He has a lot of laughter in his eyes, so I’m guessing he would do well with Kailyn.

Ben Z  Ben Z.—He seems kind of stuffy, but says he’s learning to live more.  I think he’d do better with Britt.  Kaitlyn is already fun loving.

Bradley  Bradley—Eh, I don’t like him for either one of them.  Maybe he’d be fine for someone else in the Bachelor Nation family, like Ashlee F from Sean’s season.

Brady  Brady—He seems like a really genuine guy, but looks like he doesn’t shower.  Definitely Britt.

Chris  Chris—Eh, I’m not sure what it is about him, but there seems to be a lack of warmth in his eyes.  Neither.

Clint  Clint—He comes off as a nice guy, but I doubt if he could handle Kaitlyn long-term.  Britt.

 Corey  Corey—There seems something kind of douchy about his energy.  I can’t really see him with either one of them.

Cory  Cory—Not to be confused with Corey.  This guy works out—a lot.  He seems to have an easy going manner and a sense of humor.  However, he’s protecting himself with his arms closed.  Kaitlyn if he opens up.

Daniel  Daniel—Does he realize this is a dating show—to date a woman?  Neither.

David  David—This is actually the first guy I could see with either Britt or Kaitlyn.  He seems well-rounded and the kind of person who would ground Kaitlyn and add a spark to Britt’s life.

Ian  Ian—Really pretty eyes, not that will help determine who he’d be a better for Britt or Kaitlyn, but I couldn’t help notice them.  I think he’d be good for either bachelorette.

Jared  Jared—Gorgeous eyes—check.  Chiseled jaw—check.  He looks like he belongs on the cover a romance novel.  He also seems like a nice guy.  Either girl.

JJ  JJ—He seems like a genuine guy, but I can’t really see him with Britt or Kaitlyn either one.  Maybe Sarah Herron from Sean’s season?  I bet they’d be a gorgeous, genuine couple.

Joe  Joe—Interesting haircut.  Nice, but neither.

Jonathan  Jonathan—I can see him more with Britt than Kaitlyn.  I think he and Kaitlyn would like each other too, but doubt if it would last long.

Josh  Josh—Exotic dancer?  Um, Kaitlyn?  Lol.

Joshua  Joshua—Well, this Joshua is no exotic dancer.  Britt.

Justin  Justin—He looks fun and the boy next door.  Kaitlyn.

Kupah  Kupah—He seems like a really great guy.  I like the answers to his questions.  Either.

Ryan B.  Ryan B.—Britt.  I don’t think he could handle Kaitlyn very long.

Ryan M  Ryan M.—His answers sound nice, but his eyes scream arrogance.  Britt.

Shawn B  Shawn B.—Love his answers.  Kaitlyn.

Shawn E  Shawn E.—He seems to think a lot of himself.  Britt.

Tanner  Tanner—Seems adventurous.  Kaitlyn.

Tony  Tony—His teeth are so white, they are the first thing I notice when I look at his picture.  Good answers though.  Kaitlyn.

Who do you think would be best for each bachelorette?

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