The Bachelorette picked up this week where it left off last week when Kaitlyn asked Clint to speak with her.  Clint was still confident he was going to get a rose that night.

JJ and Clint 3

Kaitlyn and Clint went outside and sat by the fire to talk.  When she confronted him about what the other guys told her about him, he accused the guys of being jealous of his relationship with JJ.  Yah, I’m sure that’s it.  Not.  Even though he wanted to stay there for JJ and wasn’t into Kaitlyn, he apparently still couldn’t still see himself as the douchebag he was.

She dumped him and he went in the house and confronted the guys.  When Kaitlyn told the guys to say their goodbyes to Clint, JJ flipped on him and told him he needed to apologize to everyone.  Whoa!  Right before that, he was shown talking to the other guys and told them he would be lifelong buddies with Clint.  Clint looked crestfallen at his best friend’s behavior.  He shook JJ’s hand and walked away.

JJ followed him and apologized.  Clint told him off and they end up in a heated exchange.  I guess this bromance has come to an end.  Too bad.  I wish Clint would’ve taken JJ’s hand and skipped to the limo to leave together.

JJ was shown doubled over crying after Clint left.  When he went back inside with the guys, they nailed him to the wall for throwing his best friend under the bus.

Chris Harrison arrived to announce the Rose Ceremony.  However, Kaitlyn decided against it and chose to keep all of the guys and not send anyone home.  Then, Chris let them know they were heading to New York.

Group Date—Let’s keep our love fresh.

group date rap

The “fresh” referred to some rapper with the last name of Fresh.  He told the guys they were going to perform in a rap battle.  It was kind of bad, but some of them were really funny.

After the rap battle, Kaitlyn heard Ashley from her season was there, so she wanted to go find her.  Nick Viall from Andi Dorfman’s season was with her.  Kaitlyn was shocked to see him.

After flirting and talking on social media before her season began, he didn’t want to see her get engaged to someone else without meeting him first.  He wanted to stay.  That’s a big request for a guy who wears such tight pants.  I wish someone would explain Nick’s attraction to me.  I didn’t know what Andi saw in him and I don’t understand what Kaitlyn sees in him.  Please tell me it’s not his tight pants.

Later at the party, Kaitlyn told the guys she was thinking about inviting Nick to join them.  Some of the guys were against it because it made them question how she felt about the guys there.  Others didn’t seem to care.

Kaitlyn snuck off to see Nick while the guys were talking about it.  Of course, they made out, but she didn’t give him a definitive answer.  She wanted to sleep on the decision and see him the next day.  She sucked face with him and wasn’t sure?  Right…

When she went back to the guys, Justin gave her positive reinforcement about adding Nick to the group and she gave him the rose.  Tanner said it best when he said it was the least meaningful rose in the history of the show.

The guys went back to the hotel and told the others about Nick.

Jarad, let’s reimagine the night we first met.

Kaitlyn went to get her hair done by Crazy “Onion” Ashley from her season of The Bachelor.  They talked about Nick and surprisingly enough, Ashley gave her some great advice about the difference between lust and love.


After getting her hair fixed for her Cinderella date, she met Nick and let him know she wanted him to join them.  Ugh, why?  Doesn’t she have enough douchebags to deal with already?


Jarad met Kaitlyn at the Met and thought she looked sensational.  He was so happy to be on that date with her.  However, all she could think about was Nick.  Really?  Ugh!  Jarad is a much better man than Nick.  Much better looking too.  I can’t believe she’s wasting the Cinderella date thinking about someone like Nick.

Kaitlyn finally concentrated on her relationship with Jarad and had a nice time, especially after he told her a cheesy rhyming poem that she liked.  She gave him the rose and then they took a helicopter to see the Statue of Liberty up close.  Cool.  Her experience even made her wonder if she needed Nick to join them.  Good, keep thinking that way!

Group Date—Let’s play.

group date in ny

Kaitlyn began the day by visiting the guys and letting them know Nick would be moving in with them that night, but wouldn’t be on the group date.  She wasn’t thrilled with the energy in the room after she dropped the bomb.  No kidding.  I’m sure the guys weren’t thrilled with her adding another man to the bunch.

For the group date, Kaitlyn took the guys to try out for the Broadway show, Aladdin.  Some of the auditions were cute and some of them were terrible.  Chris was selected to participate with Kaitlyn in the show that night because he didn’t mock the process.  He was also the most serious about it and the most animated.  Joshua said he’d get beat up when he went home for acting like that.  Then, he complained about having to go back to the hotel instead of going on the date.  Time for Joshua to go home.

Back at the hotel, the guys talked about Nick and figured he was there to promote himself.


Chris and Kaitlyn had a blast participating in Aladdin.  After their part, they went backstage and kissed.  Later, she took him to see the Time Square New Year’s Eve Ball and gave him the rose.

Meanwhile, Nick was shown arriving at the hotel.  He entered the room and of course, it’s to be continued.

britt and brady 2

Next, an update letting us know that Britt and Brady were still together was shown.  She said she wouldn’t be dating him if she couldn’t see herself marrying him one day?  Hmm, foreshadowing for The Bachelorette:  After the Final Rose Ceremony?

The Bachelorette group dates were much better this week, but I find it interesting that they’re putting the Rose Ceremonies at the top of the show.

What do you think about Nick joining the show?