The Bachelorette continued with the Kupah meltdown from last week.  The guys could hear him yelling at the cameraman.  Even Kaitlyn could and she was inside giving an interview.  No one with ears could miss his temper tantrum.  Kaitlyn went outside to confront him again.  He calmed down and told her he didn’t want to go home.  She went back inside and he went right back to douchebag mode saying things such as, he didn’t even like her right now.  Good, now go home so we can watch the show.

Wow, this is going to be an entertaining season!  Kaitlyn doesn’t take crap from anyone.  I think she’s one awesome, fearless diva.

Kaitlyn went back inside and told the guys what happened.  Then, Chris Harrison showed up and let them know it’s time for the Rose Ceremony.

Kupah finally got into the van, with his drink still in his hand, and left.  Bye!  Hope we don’t see you on a Bachelor Nation show again.

Rose Ceremony


Ben H.












Sumo Wrestling Date

sumo wrestling 2

The next morning, the guys were woken by two sumo wrestlers banging on a gong.

Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe, Clint, and Shawn were selected for the date, and the incredible honor of putting on the uniform that appeared to be a large ace bandage wrapped around them to look like a diaper—and showed their junk.

sumo wrestling 4

Like I said after the last episode, I hate these dates.  I don’t find them fun to watch.  Plus, I have to wonder if someone else going to end up in the hospital.  Nah, it would’ve been shown on the previews.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1103" - Six men learn that they will be taught the ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling, and Kaitlyn is there just in time to catch her guys wearing sumo belts, the traditional garb that barely covers their "package." But one intense man is upset about this choice of sport. Will he decide to sit this one out? Will his attitude spoil the fun or will Kaitlyn be able to reason with him and get him back in the fold?  At the after party, another man decides his expectations aren't being met. And a frontrunner wants to make sure that the Bachelorette knows that he has never fallen so quickly for someone. Who will have earned the date rose? - on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 1 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell) SHAWN B., JOE, JJ

Well, it turns out the only interesting thing that happened on this date is watching the Zen dude have a total meltdown, and even that wasn’t fun.  He wanted to know why they couldn’t go on a boat ride or go skydiving instead of fighting.  I have to agree with him, but he could’ve handled it in a much better way.  Why didn’t he use that Zen personality he goes on about?  Some people talk it.  Some people walk it.

sumo wrestling 5

Kaitlyn told him to take some time and offered to let him join them later.  Instead, he packed and left.  Another hothead gone.  Bye!  Kaitlyn is fun-loving.  She doesn’t need angry douchebags in her life.

tony leaves

It was hysterical to watch Kaitlyn try to wrestle the 600 pound sumo wrestler!  He picked her up and swung her around, before he let her push him over.

Later that night, Clint decided that Kaitlyn could go to him if she wanted to talk, instead of him putting in the effort.  He thought it should be a priority to her.  So, he’s the guy who thinks girls should chase him?  What a charmer—not.

sumo wrestling 6

Shawn told her he’s never fallen for someone so quick.  She felt the same, and gave him the rose.

Whew!  When Kaitlyn and Shawn went back to the group, she called out Clint in front of the other guys for ignoring her.  He decided she wasn’t the right girl for him.  Why?  Because she doesn’t climb up your ass and beg you for attention?

Kaitlyn and Ben Z., Be Prepared for anything.—Chris Harrison

Ben Z 2

Chris Harrison sent Kaitlyn and Ben Z on a mystery date that turned out to be an “escape room.”  They had to find clues, while dealing with terrifying birds, snakes, and a potential gas release, if they didn’t work out the clues and find the keycode on time.  It was hysterical and fun to watch them searching together.  Kaitlyn felt protected by her big he man and Ben wanted to protect her.  Kind of an interesting that she likes that scenario given she’s not afraid to confront anyone.  Kaitlyn figured out the clue to be “roses” just after the gas began releasing.

Later that night, Kaitlyn took Ben back to her place.  They ordered pizza, slipped into the whirlpool, and she gave him the rose.

Group Date—Let’s learn to love.

sex ed

For this date, Kaitlyn took the guys to teach Sex Ed to a bunch of kids.  Okay, this is even dumber than the boxing and sumo wrestling dates.  And completely inappropriate.  She said it was a joke on the guys and the kids were child actors, but I don’t care.  Find a better way to prank them.  It wasn’t a great idea.  Or even a good one.  That said, during the class, Josh turned red as his shirt and Ben H. stood out as the best teacher.

That night, Ben H. stood out again when he dipped Kaitlyn during a kiss.  It was hot!

Kaitlyn was also hot for Jared—and his black eye.

Jared wanted the rose, but it went to Ben H.

Bromance Douchebags Boys

JJ and Clint 2

JJ and Clint couldn’t believe they weren’t selected for the educational date because they were smarter than everyone else in the house.  Oh geez, where’s Amy Schumer when you need her?  Oh well, JJ was too stupid to realize she was dissing him anyway.


They cuddled on the couch and relaxed in the hot tub since they didn’t get to go on the date.

Clint talked about bonding with JJ more than Kaitlyn.

Cocktail Party

JJ felt confident he was getting a rose and wanted four or five guys to get whacked so he and Clint can get some more time.  Together or with Kaitlyn?

When Kaitlyn showed up to the party, she told the guys she made steps ahead with some of them and back with others.  Clint grabbed her immediately once he heard that.  He gave her a bunch of bull about shutting down that she believed.  He also planted a big kiss on her.  Then, he went a personal interview and told us that he wasn’t into Kaitlyn, but needed a rose tonight so he could have more time with JJ.  Next, he ran to JJ to laugh about it.  They also laughed about being the villains.

All 13 guys warned Kaitlyn about Clint and JJ being villains.

Kaitlyn walked into the house and asked Clint if she could speak to him.

To be continued.  Again.

What’s with all the continuations on this season of The Bachelorette?

Well, the show has been ending on great cliffhangers to keep us watching, but unfortunately, the group dates on this season have been HORRIBLE.

What did you think about this episode?