The Bachelorette drama continues…

Sorry this recap has taken so long.  To be honest, I haven’t had my heart in it.  Since the fantasy suite dates at their exotic locations is usually my favorite episode every season, that says a lot about this season.  I started watching it because Kaitlyn loves to joke around and have fun.  I thought it would be a lighthearted, cool, fun season with some romance to boot.  It hasn’t turned out that way at all.  It has been heavy and full of drama.  At this point, I’m just ready for it to be done.  Given the backlash Kaitlyn has received for being a sexual woman and owning it, I’m sure she’s ready for the same thing.

On with the recap…

Shawn Confronts Nick Continued

nick and shawn

So, the confrontation continued with this episode.  Shawn told Nick that he thinks Nick is there for reasons other than Kaitlyn.  I would have agreed with that before, but I truly think Nick cares for Kaitlyn more than he ever cared for Andi.

Ben’s Fantasy Suite Date

11Kaitlyn and Ben

Ben and Kaitlyn went for a slow ride on horses on a beautiful farm and fed donkeys.  Their date was sweet and romantic.  They even stayed the night in a 19th century castle.  Ahh, too bad he doesn’t have a chance.  He’s so sweet and cute.  Oh well, he’s been tapped as the next Bachelor, and will find someone much more suitable for him.

Shawn’s Fantasy Suite Date

11Kaitlyn and Shawn

Kaitlyn met Shawn with a gift bag in hand– one that contained a pink golf shirt and bright blue, polyester pants.  He wore it well, even though it was funny.

They made a bet over the golf game that Kaitlyn gets whatever she asks for if she wins, and she gets whatever she asks for if he wins.  Ha!

Kaitly won.  She chose Truth or Dare for her win.  She dared him to strip naked and streak through the golf course to finish their golf game.  He did and she grabbed his clothes and ran.  Thank you, Kaitlyn for the laughs and the shot of Shawn’s hot body.  He may not look like my ideal man in the face, but he sure has a nice body.

11Kaitlyn and Shawn 2

Later that night, Kaitlyn talked to Shawn about Nick.  She was shocked to learn that Shawn confronted Nick.  Shawn ended up getting mad– really mad.  Kaitlyn decided it was best to discuss it off camera in the Fantasy Suite.  We weren’t shown anything about that part of the date except a quick view of the suite.

Nick Confronts Shawn

11 Nick and Shawn

When Shawn was returning to his room after his Fantasy Suite Date the next day, Nick was waiting for him.  Shawn initially told Nick that he didn’t want to talk to him.  However, he allowed him in his room.

I don’t think it went the way Nick planned.  Shawn was pissed after talking to Kaitlyn and told him that if his name came out Nick’s mouth again, it wouldn’t be pretty.  They talked over each other for a few minutes and then Shawn told him to get the F*$# out of his place.

11nick and shawn

Rose Ceremony

Katilyn sent Ben home.  She has a good heart and really cared about him, so it was hard for her to do.  Relax Kaitlyn, since you dumped him he gets his shot at putting himself out there and being humiliated by the Fleiss Machine.

Kaitlyn Meets Nick’s Family

They flew to Utah to meet the families.  Why Utah?  Why didn’t they just return to the mansion in Los Angeles?  Weird.

When Nick and Kaitlyn had some time alone before meeting his family, he told her he loved her and had no reservations about being with her.  Either he took some serious acting lessons since last year, or he truly cares for her.  His whole demeanor is different with her than the cocky ass on Andi’s season.

11Nick and Kaitlyn

Nick’s family was concerned about Nick being hurt again.  Sure, he might have been an douche last season, but they still love him.

Nick’s little sister, Bella stole the show.  She was an adorable little girl.  I also liked that she asked Kaitlyn point blank if she loved her big brother.

Nick’s mother liked Kaitlyn more than she did Andi.  Ha!  Maybe because Kaitlyn is real and has heart?  Maybe because she’s not a snot only looking for the limelight?

Nick sounded like a vulnerable man in love when he spoke to him mom about Kaitlyn.  I honestly don’t know what Andi and Kaitlyn saw in Nick, but I must admit, he seems like a much nicer guy this season.

Kaitlyn Meets Shawn’s Family  

Kaitlyn’s family was thrilled that Shawn received the first impression rose.  That’s right, he did!  I forgot about that.

One of Shawn’s sister was concerned it was just an attraction, but Kaitlyn gave her all of the qualities she liked about him.

His father interrogated him.  And I do mean interrogated.  He won his father’s blessings after being real about the tough times during the process and how he honestly felt about Kaitlyn.

Later that night, Shawn admitted to Kaitlyn that he loved her.  Awww.

The next episode of The Bachelorette is The Men Tell All.  I usually skip that episode, but I have to watch it this season.  I can’t wait to see if Ian’s apology is barf worthy, since we all know he’s going to apologize profusely for being such an arrogant ass.  I also want to see if Clint and JJ kissed and made up.

Read it here, as soon as I work up the inspiration to write about The Bachelorette.