Once again, The Bachelorette picked up this week where it left off last week—in the middle of drama.  This time with Nick returning.


Wow, could this be anymore staged?  He walks in and EVERY single guy there is sitting on one couch or standing behind it?  Even though there is another one of equal size right across from it?  Nope.  That’s staged.

Of course, Nick sits by himself on the empty couch and fields questions from the guys about why he’s there.  Fame, um, I mean he’s crazy about Kaitlyn.  Although, I have to give it to him, he looks at Kaitlyn in a way he never looked at Andi.  Of course most of the guys were skeptical and/or irritated about it.

The Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony were held at Citi Field.  Thankfully, the cocktail party was inside, but the rose ceremony was outside and the guys were obviously shivering from the cold without their coats given we could hear teeth chattering.  Not sure why they did that and thought it was weird since both Kaitlyn and Chris Harrison both wore coats, but the guys didn’t.


Ben H.

Ben Z.








Next stop: San Antonio, Texas

Ben H.—Let’s take our love one step at a time.

kaitlyn and ben h 4

One step at a time meant two stepping!

They took an old cherry red truck to get to their date at the oldest hall in Texas for a two-step contest.  They had some lessons before the contest.  It didn’t help them win the contest, but they were good natured about it and drank a beer while watching the others.  They had fun and enjoyed their time with each other, which was the important part.

Later that night, Ben H. opened up to her about his past engagement.  It made it feel closer to him, and she gave him the rose.  She still doesn’t look at him like she does Shawn or Nick.

Group Date—I love a man in uniform. 


Kaitlyn took the guys to star in their own mariachi show—after writing their own lyrics.

Dressed in traditional mariachi uniforms, the guys sang to Kaitlyn.

Justin actually had a decent voice for it.

JJ grabbed a guitar and completely flubbed it.

Jared was funny.

Joe asked her to mariachi him and kissed her.

kaitlyn and joe

Ian blew it big time after making a big deal about busting out his singing voice.  Too bad he couldn’t laugh at himself.  She probably would have enjoyed that.  Instead, he was all serious about it and kind of a douchebag.

Joshua was awful, but at least tried to have fun with it.

Nick took her upstairs so he could serenade her.  As if he wasn’t hated by the guys enough, that didn’t help!  He couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, but he owned it and Kaitlyn loved it.

kaitlyn and nick

Everyone seemed to be fine with Nick, except Joshua—according to Nick.  To back it up, Joshua only talked about Nick in his ITM’s, instead of Kaitlyn.

That night, Kaitlyn was happy that the guys accepted Nick being there and looked forward to getting to know them even more.

Joshua wanted to prove he trusted her by having her give him a Mohawk while wearing a mask.  The clippers died in the middle and only part of his hair was buzzed.  It was hysterical.  Poor guy!

While Kaitlyn was kissing Nick, Joshua was talking about him to the other guys.  If the other guys agreed, it wasn’t shown.

When Nick came back, Joshua attacked him.  Then, he went and told Kaitlyn that none of the guys like Nick.  That didn’t go over well with Kaitlyn.  She thought the issue was resolved and she didn’t like that every guy there was lying to her face about the situation.

She handled it by confronting the guys.  Not one of them backed up Joshua.  Instead, they told her if she wanted Nick there, it was fine with them.  But, they weren’t happy with Joshua because he lied to them when he told them he was giving an ITM, when he was actually ratting to Kaitlyn about Nick.  They confronted him about that in front of Kaitlyn, which made it worse.

She was upset when she picked up the rose and gave it to Nick.  I’m not sure if she gave it to him as a warning to the guys, or if it was because he impressed her the most with his mariachi serenade.  Possibly both?

Shawn’s Date

kaitlyn and shawn

Kaitlyn was thrilled to have a date with Shawn, since she had an instant connection to him when he stepped out of the limo.

They went kayaking down the Riverwalk.  And then they kissed.  He spoke up for Joshua and was honest with her about Nick.  And then they kissed.  He opened up to her about a horrific car accident he was in.  And then they kissed.  He told her he was falling in love with her.  And then they really kissed.

She gave him the rose.  And they kissed.  Then, they took a canoe out on the Riverwalk to watch fireworks—as they kissed.

I get the feeling she really likes him!

Ian the Arrogant

Back at the house, Ian showed his arrogance.  He couldn’t understand why Kaitlyn wasn’t into him more given he was a Princeton graduate, former model, defied death, and had been around the world a couple of time.  Geez, this guy needs to meet Ames from Ashley’s season.  Ames was even better educated, well-traveled, and HUMBLE.  The Princeton grad should look up the word in the dictionary.  He might learn something new, if there’s room in his big head.  What a douchebag.  I guess I wouldn’t be so disappointed if I didn’t like him so much.  He just took a huge tumble in my eyes.

Then, he went on about what a great catch he was and how he’d make a great Bachelor.  Uh, no.  He proceeded to make a pitch for being the Bachelor.  Eww.  That would be a season I wouldn’t waste my time watching.

Ooh, he just said it best.  He was tired of rejection from her and wanted to go home.  Wham, there’s the truth.  He wanted to leave before she dumped him.  Arrogant douchebag.

Cocktail Party

kaitlyn and ian

Joshua was nervous about going home because of the outcome of the last group date.  Uh, yah.

Ian told us that Kaitlyn wasn’t half as hot as his ex-girlfriend in an ITM.  Um, wasn’t he the one who made a big deal about being there for Kaitlyn?  Someone has his man panties in a twist about being ignored.  Another douche who thinks she should worship him.  Where did they find these guys this season?

Kaitlyn took Jared to her hotel room and made out with him on her bed covered with rose petals.

Ian went on about his greatness.

Kaitlyn kissed Joe and other guys saw it.

Ian went on about his sex life.

Ian finally snagged her for some time and attacked her character.  What a mature move for a well-educated, great catch.  NOT.

Kaitlyn looked angry, but she sat there and took his abuse—at least for now.  We’ll have to watch the rest of it next week, because The Bachelorette stayed true to itself this season and ended on another cliffhanger.

Read Kaitlyn’s response here next week!