The Bachelorette picked up with drama again this week after Ian attacked Kaitlyn’s character and accused her of being a “surface level person.”

For the person who has been called everything but classy this season, the woman handled the situation with class.  She didn’t yell or blow up at him.  She didn’t try to assassinate his character in return.  Even though she was stunned at his confrontation, she handled it with dignity and agreed they weren’t right for each other.

ian 3

Yet, the Princeton graduate left patting himself on the back for his education and depth, and even said he’s not lame like the other guys.  Hey Ian, send Princeton a copy of your time on The Bachelorette.  You might be entitled to a refund on your fancy education.  I doubt if the school wants to be associated with you now.

Of course, he didn’t leave without auditioning to be the next Bachelor.  Ugh, he would be worse than the royal guy who marketed dog makeup.

After the guys watched Ian leave, Nick went to find Kaitlyn and comfort her.

After Nick was gone a good 20 minutes, Shawn went to break up the party so he could get some time with her.  However, he saw them making out and it upset him and he didn’t interrupt them.  He needed some alone time to collect himself.

Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony was held at the historical Alamo.





Ben Z


Justin and Joshua were sent home.  I wasn’t surprised she dumped Joshua, but I was surprised to see JJ get a rose.

Next stop:  Dublin, Ireland

Nick’s Date

kaitlyn and nick 2

Instead of sending a date card, Kaitlyn showed up and announced the date.  None of the guys were thrilled to learn it was Nick, especially Shawn.

Ireland was a dream place for Kaitlyn to visit and she wanted to share it with Nick first.  They walked around the city and enjoyed the local flavor together.  Of course, they made out at every possible moment.

After dinner, she invited him back to her hotel room.  They made out for a while on the couch and then she invited him to join her in her bedroom.  He left the next morning.  Both seemed very happy about their night together at first.  Kaitlyn began feeling guilt and remorse after he left.  She was concerned he would tell the other guys what happened and it would ruin all of her other relationships.  Nick stopped looking so pleased after Joe compared his date to Shawn’s when he had alone time with Kaitlyn after a date.  Nick said it wasn’t his business, but his face gave another story.  You could see his wheels spinning.  Did Kaitlyn also sleep with Shawn too…

Group Date—A Morbid Poem

kaitlyn wake

The guys were all dressed in suits as Chris Harrison informed them that Kaitlyn was dead for the day.  The date was a traditional Irish wake.  Eww!  Where did they get the ideas for the dates this season?

Kaitlyn was lying in a coffin laughing.

Each one of the guys had to give a toast to celebrate her life.  It was a morbid scene, but the guys were having fun and gave hilarious toasts—except Ben Z.  He took it to heart and took it seriously.

kaitlyn group date

Later that night, Jared won some more time with Kaitlyn when she gave him the group rose.  They had a private concert by The Cranberries.

Meanwhile, Shawn was having a meltdown.  He couldn’t understand why Kaitlyn didn’t give him the rose, so they could have more time together.  He said they stayed up all night talking last week and she told him he was the one, but her actions weren’t matching her words.  Imagine his reaction if he knew she spent the night with Nick.  It also makes me wonder what really happened between Shawn and Kaitlyn for him to become so possessive of her.

Read more about the Shawn drama here next week as The Bachelorette closes on another cliffhanger.

Britt and Brady


Britt took Brady to meet her mother after dating for two months.  Her mother kept calling him “a friend.”  Britt wanted her mother to see more than friendship.

What do you think about last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?  Do you think Kaitlyn slept with Shawn on their date, like she did with Nick?

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