Last week on The Bachelorette, it ended with another cliffhanger when Shawn confronted Kaitlyn in her room.  She was concerned it was going to be about having sex with Nick, but he just wanted to know why Jared received the group date rose over him, if he was the one she was choosing at the end.

shawn and Kaitlyn 3

This week it opened with Shawn asking Kaitlyn if she loved him.  Whoa!  She’s still dating a group of guys.  Even if she knows he’s the one by now, she still has to finish the show and continue dating the other guys.

2 on 1 Date with Joe and JJ

JJ didn’t see Joe as competition.

They took a boat to a private island.  When the three of them were together, there was awkward silence.

2 on 1 date

When Joe had some alone time with her, he opened up and told her he had feelings for her.

When JJ had his alone time, he used it to let her know his marriage ended after he cheated on his wife.  He learned from the experience after it destroyed his life and he won’t do it again.

JJ felt like the rose was his.  However, she sent him home.  Bye, bye, JJ!


She told Joe she couldn’t give it to him yet either, but wanted to spend some more time with him first.  They took a boat ride as JJ watched them leave.

They spent some time together, made out, and she gave him the rose.  When he returned back to the hotel and said it was great and that he was falling in love with her, Shawn left the room.

He went back to Kaitlyn’s room again.  When production let her know that Shawn was on his way, she wasn’t thrilled because she was worried about him knowing she had sex with Nick.

Shawn and Kaitlyn

kaitlyn 2

Kaitlyn was freaking out when Shawn arrived and didn’t want to deal with anymore.  She was crying and told him she hadn’t slept.

Shawn needed a lot of reassurance, and she told him she had other relationships too and she made a mistake when she told him he was the one because it was too soon in the season.  Realistically, she probably got into a lot of trouble with production about it because they had a show to produce, even if she knew he was the one.


Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

She let the guys know her heart was still open to all of them.  All the more reason I think she was admonished by production, especially since they didn’t understand what she was talking about.

Ben Z was the first one to spend some alone time with her.

Ben H confronted her about what was said between her and Shawn when she snuck down and visited them while he was in the shower.

Nick was nervous until they had a good talk and makeout session.

With Shawn, she told him she never should have told him he was the one.  He just wanted to get back to that place.  She told him they needed to take a step back.

At the rose ceremony, she sent home Tanner and Ben Z.

Road Trip to Killarney

For the trip to Killarney, Kaitlyn and Jared took a car together and acted like they were on vacation.  They even went to the famous Blarney Castle and kissed the Blarney stone for good luck.

kaitlyn and jared

The rest of the guys didn’t have as much fun.  They took a bus and had to listen to Shawn snore the entire way.

Kaitlyn stayed in a castle that was remodeled as a hotel.  Jared stayed with her for a while and they made out and talked.

Later, Chris arrived to let Kailtyn know that they wouldn’t be going on hometown dates as scheduled.  Instead, they would stay in Ireland for the fantasy suite dates since she had already been intimate with someone.  The producers wanted equal playing field before families became involved.

Kaitlyn had to cut the guys down to her final three in the next week.

Chris, let’s take our love to the edge.

Kaitlyn and Chris (Cupcake) took a helicopter to a cliff for a picnic.

It didn’t seem like they were very far into the date when she started crying.  Even though there was no rose on the date, she sent him home.

I think Chris cried as hard as she did.  Maybe harder.  He had a total meltdown as she flew back to Killarney without him.

chris cupcake

With meltdown mania, I think this was the most depressing episode out of any of the Bachelor Nation shows.  Ever.  It made it hard to watch.  I hope the rest of the season is fun and filled with romance instead of crying and meltdowns.

Next week on The Bachelorette, Shawn and Nick are supposed to have a major confrontation.  Read about it here.