Wow, this week on The Bachelorette, it began with Ben getting a date card instead of drama and confrontation.  I sure hope this episode is less depressing and more fun and upbeat than it has been lately.  So far, this truly has been THE. Most. Dramatic. Season. EVER.  It started off fun with a lot of laughter, but quickly changed.  Let’s hope it goes back to the lighthearted fun.

Ben, let’s make today unforgettable.

ben and kaitlyn fsd

Kaitlyn and Ben rowed a little boat to a private island.  They had fun as well as talked a lot.

Later that night, they discussed overnight dates and he said he couldn’t wait to talk all night.  She asked him if he was a virgin.  She sure isn’t afraid of letting the world know how much she likes sex, is she?  He denied it and they made out.

Shawn, Nick, and Joe, let’s let our love run a muck.

They went to a beautiful estate.  I’m not sure if they did anything much for the date.  It wasn’t shown.  The four of them were sitting on benches out in the grass and Shawn asked her for some alone time.

Shawn and Kaitlyn talked and made out.  Nick interrupted them before she could tell him about having sex with Nick.

joe and kaitlyn

When she had time alone with Joe, he told her that he loved her and she sent him home.  He was unhappy about that and things ended badly.

Kaitlyn chose not to hand out the rose on the group date.  She sent Nick back to the hotel and said she wanted to see Shawn later that night.

That night, Shawn was thrilled to be selected by Kaitlyn for continuing their date.  Until he learned why she wanted to spend time with him.  She told him she had sex with Nick.  He asked her if she regretted it.  She admitted to feeling guilt.

Shawn wanted some time to himself to think about the situation.  He went to the bathroom.  He could have been gone for three minutes or three hours.  We’ll probably never know.

When he returned, Shawn thanked her for being honest with him.  He decided to go forward because he wanted a relationship with her.

Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison told the guys that Kaitlyn opted to forego the Cocktail Party because she knew what she wanted to do.

She offered Shawn the first rose, but he had a lot of questions for her and told her he needed to talk to her first.  After their discussion, Shawn accepted the rose.  Wow, you have to give him props.  It takes a real man to step up and go forward instead of letting pride and ego get in the way.

Roses also went to Ben and Nick.  Jared was sent home.  He left with class and dignity.

Nick’s Fantasy Date

nick and kaitlyn fantasy suite date


Kaitlyn and Nick went to a cathedral.  They lit candles together and Nick told her the story about how his parents met at church.

Next, they went to a pub where they drank, talked, and received advice from locals about relationships.

Later that night, they had their alone time in a jail.  Um, okay.  It didn’t look much like a jail!  More like a museum.

nick and kaitlyn fsd

Nick told Kaitlyn that he had zero respect for Shawn.  He also told her that he bragged about being an Eskimo Brother, which he explained was a guys who slept with the same girl on the same night.  Kaitlyn’s reaction was, “Ewww.”

He also told her he was there for her.

When he agreed to the Fantasy Suite, she took him to a jail cell that was setup with a mattress thrown on the floor.  Ha!  He believed it!  Then, she took him to the real Fantasy Suite.  They went to the bedroom and closed the door.

nick and kaitlyn fsd 2

Interestingly enough, they were next shown having breakfast together.  I don’t think that has been shown on the show before.  Ever.  It was also thought-provoking to hear Kaitlyn talking about them eating chocolate and talking all night instead of having sex.  Given this season has been sex, sex, sex since the beginning, it seems like the Fantasy Suite Date would be about the same thing.  More dirt to shove in Shawn’s face.  But no, it didn’t turn out that way.

Shawn Confronts Nick

nick and shawn

Shawn confronted Nick about his reasons for being there.  He also called him manipulative, arrogant, and cocky.  Nick said he could say the same thing about Shawn.

To be continued…


Britt and Brady Update


Britt and Brady were still together, but were now going to be separated by distance.  Will they make it together?

Read here next week as The Bachelorette drama continues.  Hopefully, we’ll get a few laughs too.