The Bachelorette ‘Men Tell All’ is usually not worth watching, but given some of the incidents of this season, I had to watch it.


The guys were introduced.  I was surprised to see some of them showed up for it given the way they acted.  I figured Ian would, because he’s an arrogant douche bag, but wasn’t so sure about Tony, Kupah, Ryan M.,  Clint, and JJ.  I don’t know what was up with Ryan’s hair, but he was there.

Ooh, Joshua was back and his hair looked a lot better.

Ian the arrogant became Ian the predictable.  I knew he’d make some big grand gesture for acting like an arrogant douche bag, and he did.  He got down on his knees and begged for forgiveness.  Ha!  What an ass.  Does he think that’s going to make us think he’s changed?  Ian, you’re still not going to be the next Bachelor!


Clint and JJ were the next douche bags to take their licks.  Clint was still an obnoxious ass, but JJ sort of redeemed himself.  At least he tried.  I don’t think they ever kissed and made up.

Jared called JJ an acquired taste.  Ha!

Jared was a great guy and admitted to still thinking about Kaitlyn all the time.  At least he went to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise.  I hope he found someone else.


When Ben H. was in the hot seat, Chris Harrison asked him about telling Kaitlyn she was unlovable.  I bet that will be the big introduction for him as The Bachelor.

After the guys had their say, it was Kaitlyn’s turn.

Chris Harrison brought up the fact that she received not just hate mail, but also death threats.  He also read some of the vile tweets that were addressed to her.  I guess I don’t understand why people think Kaitlyn was so different than the other leads when it came to sex.  Fleiss himself bragged about all of the sex on the show. The only difference is Kaitlyn owns it.  She doesn’t hide the fact that she’s sexual.  Does that make her a bad person?  No.  However, calling people vile names does.  And no matter what anyone says about her, most of these guys defended her tonight.  Sure, there were some that had some negative feedback, but coincidentally– or not, it was the douche bags on the show that complained about her.  That says a lot about her as a person– and the guys.  All of them.

Ben H. asked her why she told Shawn about having sex with Nick, but didn’t feel the need to tell him.  Ooh. Good questions, but don’t we all know the answer?  She was invested in Shawn.  She said it was because Shawn had trust issues.

Jonathan confronted her about bringing on Nick.  She turned the tables on him and reminded him he voted for Britt.

12 Kaitlyn and Ryan

Ryan M. had a rose with him and used it to officially vote for Kaitlyn.

She asked Clint why he didn’t treat her as well as he treated JJ.  Ha!

Ian apologized to her, especially for any backlash she received for what he said to her.  He said he received backlash over it too.  I bet he did!  I know I lost respect for him, and I was initially wanting him for the next Bachelor.  Until he opened his mouth.  Now, I’d rather take a cruise with  a hurricane in the path than watch one episode with him as The Bachelor.

I have to admit, this season has been one of my least favorites, because it was heavy and too dramatic, but I love how open and honest Kaitlyn was.

12 Joe

The bloopers were great this season, especially the ones with pigeons.  Afterward, Joe had on a pigeon head and chased her.  Ha!  He’s another one that was on Bachelor in Paradise.

It ended with Chris Harrison complimenting her on being a strong, powerful woman and for doing phenomenal job as The Bachelorette.  I have to agree with him.  I don’t agree with all of the decisions she made, but it was her journey and I commend her for owning them.

What did you think of Kaitlyn as The Bachelorette?  Sound off in the comments section below.