It’s The Bachelorette season where the women are pitted against each other before the men are.

Britt or Kaitlyn– who has what the guys want?

Britt– the intense, emotional beauty who wants a husband.

Kaitlyn– the free-spirited beauty who loves to laugh, and who also wants a husband.

Both women looked stunning to meet the bachelors.  Britt was in a beautiful, white, flowing gown.  Kaitlyn wore a dark blue, form fitting, sequined gown.  Kaitlyn was wearing more makeup than she did last season.  Britt was wearing much less.  So, one had a makeover and one had a makeunder.

Britt was excited and Kaitlyn was nervous and uncomfortable about the situation.




Ben H.– He went to Kaitlyn first.  He told Britt they both sponsored children.  He said he lost with words Britt because she was so stunning.

Jonathan— Britt first.  She liked him.

Clint— Britt first.  He told her she looked incredible.  She did.  Him?  Well, he was wearing a nice suit.

Ryan B.– Britt first.  He called her a Disney Princess.  Is that supposed to be a compliment?

Jared— Britt first.  He had on a Love Man costume under his suit.  Ugh, how cheesy, but he’s kind of cute.  He thought Britt made the better first impression.

Kupah— Britt first.  He didn’t think Britt had a fair shot?  Um, how so?  She’s there.  She’s one of the Bachelorettes.

Brady— Britt first.  He thought she was beautiful on the inside and outside.

Cory— Kaitlyn first.  He told Britt the first thing that stood out about her was her eyes, and that she had a wonderful smile.

Ian— Katilyn first.  He went for a handshake and she gave him a hug.  He told her he hopes it’s her.  He said Britt was lovely, but he was there for Kaitlyn.

JJ— Kaitlyn first.  He had a puck and told her he wanted to puck her.  It was definitely Kaitlyn’s kind of humor.

Ryan M.– “Honeys, I’m home.”  Kaitlyn first.  They both laughed, but Britt didn’t seem amused as Kaitlyn.  I don’t blame her.  He had schmuck written all over his arrogant face.

Brad— Brought them together and hugged them.

Daniel— Danced when he came out of the limo.  Kaitlyn first.

Josh— Britt first.  Started stripping for her and then went to Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn said that when you see a guy with hips like that, he’s a stripper.  Said Britt could have him.  Both women were laughing.


Joe— Kaitlyn first.  Brought her moonshine.  I was wondering if wanted to get her drunk, but he was actually very much a gentleman and told her to drink it slowly.

Justin— Had helium balloons for Kaitlyn.

Tanner— Britt first.  He brought her a package of tissues.  He has a lot to learn if he thought that was supposed to sweep her off her feet.

Shawn B.– Group hug.  He gave Britt a big hug and twirled her around.  She really liked him.  Then, he told Kaitlyn she was the reason he was there.  Britt was bummed big time.  Kaitlyn really liked him too.

Kaitlyn ran inside to talk to the guys a minute and Britt thought it was cheating.  Well, why didn’t Britt follow her?!  She had the same opportunity.

David—  Kaitlyn first.

Corey— Kaitlyn first.  Offered to plow her fields.

Tony— Britt first.  He told her he believed in the real kind of love.  She liked it until he went and said the same exact thing to Kaitlyn.  Who does that?!

Ryan M. knocked on the window to get Kaitlyn’s and Britt’s attention.  Then, he told the guys he was all horned up and he apologizes for nothing.  Lovely.  He also said he wanted to take that girl out for a nice steak dinner and never call her again.  I’m not sure who he was talking about, but she is one lucky lady.  NOT.

Shawn E.– Drove up in a hot tub convertible.  Kaitlyn and Britt loved it.  Ryan M. was sitting by a tree yelling it sucked and he sucked.  Kaitlyn and Britt tried to smooth things over and reinforce Shawn, but his big moment was blown by a schmuck.  Kaitlyn thought Ryan deserved the worst impression rose.

Chris— The dentist arrived in a cupcake because he wanted to do something “really sweet.”  Kaitlyn first.  Next.

Joshua— Kaitlyn first.  Well, he was exciting.  Not.

Ben Z.– Britt first.  They had a connection.



Cocktail Party Highlights

When Kupah was talking with the other guys, he labeled Britt a “trophy wife” and called Kaitlyn just “a wife.”  He said he wanted a trophy wife.  Okay, time for him to leave.

When the bachelorettes entered the room, Kaitlyn told a joke and Britt gave a heartfelt speech.  In other words, both women were true to themselves.

Tony made a big deal about how he was all for Britt.

Ben H. switched from Britt to Kaitlyn.

Ryan M. made an ass out of himself during the cocktail party.  He told most of the guys they suck.  He called the bachelorettes, “ho’s.”  He grabbed Kaitlyn’s ass.  He stripped down to his man panties and stumbled into the pool– literally.  When he decided to get out, he made his way to the voting room (still in his man panties) and bumped into walls, knocking off at least one picture.  Then, he threw a rose at the wall instead of putting it in the box.  Chris Harrison eventually threw him out.  I’m just surprised he didn’t get into the van without punching or yelling at Chris how much everything sucks.  What a treasure.  I wonder how many synonyms everyone came up for the word douchebag to describe him.


Britt and Tanner had an awkward conversation about the tissues.

Kupah voted for a “trophy wife.”

Shawn B. had an awesome connection with Kaitlyn and she decided she had to be The Bachelorette so she could date him.


Britt made a connection with Brady on a deep level.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 1101A" - America fell in love with two very different but dynamic Bachelorettes last season - Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. It was hard to choose between the beautiful, charming Britt and the gorgeous, fun-loving, wise cracking Kaitlyn. So now, 25 eligible bachelors will choose between these two amazing women. For the first time in franchise history there will be two Bachelorettes. Chris Soules sent both ladies home broken hearted, but now with another chance at love, both women are ready to take a journey they hope will wind up happily ever after, on "The Bachelorette" two-night premiere event, MONDAY, MAY 18 (9:01-11:00 p.m., ET) and TUESDAY, MAY 19 (8:00-9:00 p.m, ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Rick Rowell) BRITT NILSSON


Then we received a message across the screen that the show would be continued.  Tomorrow night.

What do you think of this seasons bachelors?

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