Last week on The Bachelor, Juan Pablo gave Lucy the boot after he showed up at the mansion and surprised the girls with breakfast, and learned she was perfectly comfortable hanging out in her underwear in front of people she barely knew.  He also eliminated Christie, but I don’t even remember what she looks like.  I didn’t know who she was when she was kicked to the curb last week either, for that matter.

Tonight, Juan Pablo, Chris Harrison, and the girls begin the international jet setting part of the season.

To begin with, he had to tell his daughter goodbye for the time he’ll be off wooing women across the world.  Given he gave up his professional soccer career so he could live in Miami to be near his daughter, that must’ve been hard for him.  At least technology allows him to see her and talk to her daily.

Chris Harrison arrived at the mansion and told the girls to pack their bags, because they were leaving for Seoul, Korea.  Their shrieks of excitement could probably be heard in Korea.  That is they’re excited until they get there and the reality of two group dates hits them.  I’m wonder how many times were going to hear someone pissing and moaning because they had to share Juan Pablo with other girls on a group date.  It should be a drinking game.

Oh whoa, here we go already!  Nikki was the first.  She thought it blew that she was half way around the world and had to spend her time with five other girls who were annoying.  Hmm, if she thinks they’re annoying, I wonder what they think of her. 

jp and girls


For the date, they were dancing to K-Pop—Korean Pop, which is considered like America’s Gangnam Style.  Juan Pablo wanted someone who loved to dance, because it was one of his passions.  *Hint *Hint* DWTS!  He knew this would be his first audition for the show.  If he can move his hips, I’m all for them signing him up!

Nikki bitched some more and said she didn’t have to share things at home, like her boyfriend.  Hello!!  Did she think the producers would take one look at her and make her the center of the entire show?  Step aside whiner, this show is about Juan Pablo and dating multiple women is the format.  Why does someone have issues with this every season?

Kat has some moves!

Nikki did not.  And she pouted and complained about it.  Every chance possible.  She said she was trying to show him she could be a good sport when she actually wanted to throw a fit.  She sure didn’t show us she was a good sport.  I wonder how long it took Juan Pablo to realize it.

Juan Pablo, Kat, Cassandra, Elise, and Chelsie were all excited about dancing on stage as K-Pop backup dancers for 21.

Kat had a blast showing off her dance moves.  Juan Pablo should notice her if he really loves wants someone who can dance.

Nikki thought Kat should stay in Korea and be a backup dancer for them.  Ugh, couldn’t they put a gag ball in her mouth and call it tell her it was part of her costume? 

Cassandra loved the dance date with Juan Pablo and the girls.  She’s adorable, but seems a little too young for Juan Pablo.

While Kat was having alone time with Juan Pablo, Negative Nikki made catty comments about her.  If she’s on my nerves with negative attitude, I can only imagine what the girls who were there thought of it.  Ugh! 

Kat opened up to Juan Pablo and told him about her hard childhood, because her father was an alcoholic and wasn’t there for her and never paid child support.  I wonder if she’s upbeat and positive because life has been really hard and she decided to make the best of it.

Cassandra was thrilled to get her time alone with Juan Pablo and get away from Negative Nikki.  I bet!  I want to get away from her too and she’s only on my TV for a minutes at a time.

Elise warned Juan Pablo to watch closely because not everyone was there for the right reasons.  He told her he was keeping his eyes wide open.  I really hope that’s true, but I have my doubts.

Danielle and Elise both mentioned Nikki’s negativity and cattiness in the private interviews.  To be honest, I can’t blame them.

Nikki showed a very different side of her personality to Juan Pablo.  She told him how much she wanted to meet Camila.  He thought that was awesome and played right into her game.  I wonder how much he would want Negative Nikki around Camila.

He gave Negative Nikki the rose.  Wait a minute.  He said he wanted someone who could dance, and he said he was keeping his eyes wide open—and he gives the rose to Miss Negativity who hated dancing?  Someone needs to conk him on the head and tell him to really open his eyes.      


A Soul Connection or Just a Seoul Connection?

Right now, Sharleen is Juan Pablo’s favorite girl.  Well, at least it’s not Negative Nicky. 

Sharleen wasn’t as hyped about Juan Pablo as he was about her.  She bluntly stated that she didn’t know if he was the one for her.  She told the other girls that she was bored by him and they had dull conversations.  Ha!  That’s a new approach on the show.

They went to a traditional Korean tea house.  She loved it and wanted the time to talk to see if there was anything there.

She said he surpassed her expectations and was more fun than she expected.

He wanted her to sing for him.  She opposed the idea, but told him to close his eyes, and sang for him anyway.

Then, they made out.  She liked the way he kisses.

During dinner, they were able to really talk.  She thought it was the perfect date and was surprised at home much she opened up to him.

Sharleen was conflicted on whether she should tell him the truth about not thinking about kids because her career came first.  She mentally prepared for the worst because he had Camila and wanted more kids.  He gave her the rose.

The girls were going to be shocked to see her return to the hotel!  It sounded like they didn’t expect her back.

He thought there was a possibility that she was his Soul Mate. 

juan plus 3

Group Date—Exploring Seoul and the Kissing Game!

Juan Pablo took the girls to a karaoke joint. 

Andi didn’t want any date that had to do with singing and dancing, because she had no talent in those areas. 

Renee thought it was an fun way to start the day.

They didn’t stay there very long, and took off to wander the streets filled with vendors and stores.  They had a lot of fun being goofy and enjoying the city trying different strange foods along the way.

Clare wanted Juan Pablo all to herself and clung to him every chance possible.

They went paddle boating, and then went to a spa where fish ate the dead skin off their feet.

Clare told him she didn’t ever want to try octopus, so he went in search of it so she could try it.  Yuk.  I don’t mind trying new foods, but octopus isn’t a new food and it’s too rubbery for me to enjoy it.

Some of the girls started getting tired of Clare monopolizing Juan Pablo’s time.  Okay, so we have Negative Nikki and Clingy Clare this season.  Lovely.  Not!

The Kissing Game Begins!

That night, the girls talked about kissing Juan Pablo—who was going to go for it and who wasn’t.  Oh geez, they sounded very immature.  I wish the camera would forget they were there and concentrate on Juan Pablo. 

What the girls didn’t know is that Juan Pablo decided he didn’t want to be seen kissing a bunch of girls, and planned on a kiss free night.  Ha!  Love it!

Renee made the first move, but he said he wanted to wait.  She understood and thought it was respectful.

Andi had some fun time with him during their alone time.  He was tempted to kiss her, but wanted to hold strong to the promise he made to himself to have a kiss free night.  I’m not sure how he held back given the chemistry they had.  It was hot.

A dark-haired girl—don’t know her name—asked him for a kiss, but he declined.  She didn’t understand why and cried in a private interview because he has kissed other girls in the house. 

I have to give our Latin lover props for refusing to be part of their game, even though he had no knowledge of their kissing conversation.

The dark-haired girl turned out to be Lauren.  She started crying and had a mini melt down because he wouldn’t kiss her, and he had to go talk to her about it and calm her down.  Bye Lauren! 

Andi and Kelly made fun of Clare’s possessive behavior with Juan Pablo.  Clingy Clare.

Juan Pablo broke his pact with himself and kissed Clare!  He said he couldn’t help himself, because it felt right.

The group date rose went to Andi.


Cocktail Party and Rose Ceremony

The Cocktail Party was held at an ancient palace in Korea.  It was super gorgeous.

Juan Pablo knejuan pablo 3w it would be an interesting night with the tension that was created during the week.

The girls with roses agreed to be respectful to the others and let them have time with Juan Pablo.

That didn’t last long!  Nikki had a rose and interrupted Clare when she was with Juan Pablo.  Of course, the other girls talked about it—including Sharleen.  Interesting.  They were all upset about her behavior. 

Juan Pablo hinted to Nikki about problems in the house, and she told him everything was great, and changed the subject.  She ran to Kelly and told her about it.  Then, Clare joined them.  Kelly openly stated she wasn’t being comfortable sitting between them.  Nikki told them that drama in the house should be left there.  Clare told Nikki she was one way with them and another way with Juan Pablo.  She also told Nikki that if Juan Pablo saw the other side of her, she wouldn’t receive a rose.  Nikki decided it was because Clare was threatened by her.  I wish he’d send both of them home.

Roses—Negative Nikki, Andi, and Sharleen already had roses.

Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Allison (Who?), Clare, and Kat.

Elise and dark-haired girl, Lauren were sent back to the states.

I think Elise was wearing a long dress over a short, shiny one.  It looked weird. 

Juan Pablo announced to the remaining girls that they were leaving for Vietnam.  I hope Negative Nikki misses the plane so I don’t have to listen to her bitching anymore.

What did you think of the catty drama on this episode of The Bachelor?

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