Has When Calls the Heart become too dramatic?

It started out as drama, especially given so many of the miners died right before the first episode, but it had an uplifting outcome, that was also sometimes sweet and sometimes funny.

Unfortunately, season five has been more drama and much less humor and sweet moments.

Sure, it had Jack and Elizabeth’s wedding.  However, even that episode was loaded with drama. 

I wanted a sweet, romantic episode– Hallmark style.  Instead, there was a fire at the church, Elizabeth’s dress had to be remade on the day of the wedding, and Bill made it to the wedding at the very last minute.  I stayed up and watched this episode live.  I rarely watch live TV.  When I do, it’s a big deal.  I was so disappointed in the two minutes of wedding, that I didn’t even save the episode.

The show dragged on and I kept watching them and deleting them.

Now, Jack’s dead?  Seriously?  Even if it’s a marketing ploy to get everyone to watch the season finale, and it leads to some plot where someone else was wearing Jack’s uniform or pretending to be Jack, or some other lame plot that has been done before, it’s still too much drama for a Hallmark TV show.  I expect that from other TV stations, but Hallmark is seen as loving, sweet, and soft.  What’s loving, sweet, and soft about one of the main characters being declared dead?  I was so depressed after watching it, that I cancelled the recording for the show on my DVR.

If Hallmark is going to become like almost every other channel available on TV, I’m out.

Hallmark needs to set itself apart if they want to keep me viewing.  As for right now, When Calls the Heart has become way too dramatic.