How did Kyla Jade Lose The Voice?

That seems to be the question of the day, after that disastrous finale last night.

Before I even watched the show, I was reading online about how horrible the finale was, but figured it couldn’t be all that bad.  It was.  Kyla losing was just the final disappointment.

How did she lose anyway?  Let’s take a look at what could have happened.

First, on Monday night Britton came out and gave his best performance yet.  It was the perfect time for him to peak.  Brynn followed suit. 

However, Kyla, who has been consistent throughout the entire season, peaked earlier.  This was just another week of the powerhouse singer belting out more music.  We have become used to that, so it didn’t seem like anything special.  To be honest, neither song was my favorite, but they were both still incredible.  Others must have agreed with me, because her songs normally go straight to the top of the iTunes chart.  Neither one did.

However, Britton’s song went straight to number one.  His other song also made the top five.  Brynn’s two songs were also in the top five.

The rules state that if a contestant has a song in the top ten before the voting poll closes, the number of iTunes downloads will be multiplied times five.  Given they each had two, that was a multiplication by 10 for both of the teenagers.

Kyla, who normally has the number one song, did not fare so well this week, and did not have any multiplication for her downloads.  Apparently, she did not receive enough votes to make up for it.  Is that fair?  Not really.  She was the most consistent contestant all season.  She started the competition with The Voice.  However, the rules are the rules.  The finale is not about the most consistent powerhouse.  It’s just another week of voting.  Perhaps, NBC should add points to the finale for the top performer each week.

Kyla Jade was robbed and Brynn won The Voice.