I discovered The Bachelorette when Trista was the lead.  I was invited to a party for it, but had never heard of it before that day.  I became addicted before the end of the episode.  I watched every season after that night– for several years.

Sure, there were seasons that weren’t so great, but they were still better than they are today.  Like the season Bob Guiney seemed more interested in how many times he could score, than finding love.  He wasn’t the greatest lead, but we watched more than girls yelling and crying.  We actually had some romance.

The fantasy dates episodes were always my favorite every year.  I’m a romantic, a dreamer, and I love to travel.  It combined my favorite things– romance and tropical locations.  We saw couples talking and flirting in gorgeous countries.

It’s not like that anymore.  

When I’m not even interested in watching The Fantasy Dates episodes, something is wrong.

Even the fantasy dates episodes are all about the drama these days.

For years now, it has been all fighting, crying, and anything else that brings on the viewing that resembles a train wreck.

I think things changed after Andy Baldwin’s season.  The only decent season they’ve had since then was Sean Lowe’s season.  I think that’s because he held strong to his beliefs and standards, and didn’t give them a choice.

Look at what we’ve had since Andy:  Jason crying over the balcony, and then the entire switching fiancee’s debacle.  Jake Pavelka and his over the top theatrics to show off his pathetic acting chops.  Brad Womack– enough said.  Ben Flajnik– the bachelor who acted like a fat kid in a candy store.  Juan Pablo– LOLOL.  Chris Soules– the bachelor with the drinking and driving problem.  Great catch, right?  Ben Higgins wasn’t so bad, but I didn’t like his final choice.  I preferred JoJo, especially since he called her his best friend.  After Ben, we went from ick to God help us.  Nick?  Arie?  Really?  Do they really see us getting excited over them?  Seriously?

Let me be honest while I’m at it.  I no longer care for the Bachelorette either.  I preferred the Bachelorette over the Bachelor, because the women seemed more serious about finding an actual partner.  Trista Sutter, Ashley Hebert, and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s have been my all time favorites since I started watching the show.  I liked Desiree Hartsock’s season too.  However, I quit watching Andi’s season two episodes into it.  I thought she’d make an excellent bachelorette when I read her bio.  Watching her on TV showed her in a different light.  One that I didn’t care to watch.  I knew it wouldn’t end well right from the beginning.

Bachelor in Paradise?  There’s no romance on that show.  It’s all about hot bodies, sex, and as much drama as they can pump out in less than two months.

I prefer watching an actual love story instead of drama.  Real love stories.  Love stories where the contestants have something in common, including their age.  Watching a man in his late 30’s dating young women in their 20’s doesn’t do it for me.  I find it misogynistic.  Because, let’s be honest, Rachel Lindsay wasn’t given mostly young men in their 20’s.  Sure, she had a few, but it was an overwhelming number, like Arie received.  That’s only one of the many reasons I haven’t bothered watching Arie’s season.

The biggest reason is I USED to be a Bachelor Nation fan.