Last Man Standing returns to Friday Nights!

It was my favorite TV show for years.  I love how nothing is off limits on the show.  They joke and laugh about issues that most TV shows wouldn’t touch.  The chemistry with the cast is incredible.  It’s funny.  I truly laugh out loud when I watch it.  It also has heart.

LAST MAN STANDING – “A House Divided”  (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

I can’t wait to see who will be returning and what Mike and Ryan will fight about, since there have been some major shifts in the political environment here in the United States.

I look forward to Vanessa’s and Kristine’s comments on the #MeToo movement.

Is the Air Force Academy hardcore enough for Eve?

What stupid things will Mandy and Kyle do to land them in an awesome place?

I like to watch any story line with Ed.

Is it perfect? No.  Sometimes, I would love to throw rocks at my TV when Ryan goes off on one of his liberal rants.  I can say the same thing about Mike and his conservative rants.  Eve gets too whiny.  Many and Kyle are beautiful boneheads.  Kristen can be flat out annoying.  However, life is not perfect.  At least they make it funny.