I love sea life.  I find it incredibly beautiful and interesting.  I was thinking about posting my Fave 5 sea animals, but I couldn’t reduce it to only five.  There are just too many out there.  Therefore, I will post them by type.  Today, I decided to go with my Fave 5 types of jellyfish.  Did you know there are over 350 types?!  Most people know of them because they sting and it’s well known that peeing on it helps relieve the pain.  They might sting, but they are also beautiful.  Here are my Fave 5:

5. Black Jellyfish– It’s not always black in color, but they aren’t as translucent as most.

Jellyfish-- Black

4. Moon Jellyfish– This one is gorgeous, and often considered one of the most stunning in the world.

Jellyfish-- Moon

3. Barrel Jellyfish– These are also stunning.


2. Blue Jellyfish– If blue was my favorite color, this would easily be my favorite.

Jellyfish- Blue

1. Pink Jellyfish– However, I’m a pink diva, and have to go with it as my Fave.