I LOVE to travel.  My favorite place to be in the entire world is on a beach.

Here are my Fave 5 Beaches in the lower 48 states.

5.  Carmel Beach

When I was stationed at the Presidio of Monterey for language school, I used to spend a lot of time on Carmel Beach.  I treasure my time there.

4. Monterey Beach

When I lived at the Presidio, the beach was in walking distance.  I used to go down on the beach to run on a regular basis to prepare for my PT tests.  I’ll never forget the raw beauty of it.

3. Daytona Beach

I grew up on this beach.  It was our hang out when I was in high school.  I have cherished memories from that time.

2. West Palm Beach

I love scuba diving in West Palm Beach.  The water is clear and warm.

1.  Cocoa Beach

To me, this will always be home.  Yes, it’s the same place Tony Nelson called home on the TV show, I Dream of Jeannie.

As you can see in the pictures, the beaches on the Pacific Ocean are much different than the Atlantic Ocean.  They all have something unique about them and their own beauty.  I have been to a lot of beaches on both coasts, and these are my Fave 5.