It’s no secret that I love to travel.  I love the raw beauty of nature.  Due to that passion, I have taken my kids to visit many of the National Parks.  In fact, out of the 60 areas classified as National Parks, I’ve taken my kids to 21 of them.  They are all incredible in their own way.  However, here are my fave five:

5. Everglades National Park

  By National Park Service, via Wikimedia Commons

The Everglades have a beauty that is different from anywhere else I’ve ever been before.

They have some really great walking trails, which is one of my favorite parts of visiting this park.

Its a tropical wilderness that I’ll definitely visit again.  I have a trip planned to go to Florida later this year, so maybe I’ll take a day for it then.

4.  Yosemite National Park

  By Guy Francis from Wikimedia Commons

I used to take my kids to Yosemite when we visited my parents, who lived in Northern California.

There’s one place on top of one of the mountains that I’ll never forget.  When I climbed up there, I could see out over an enormous area, and I stood there just amazed.  The rugged beauty was breathtaking.

3. Yellowstone National Park

  By Scott Catron from Wikimedia Commons

I used to live in Bozeman, Montana, so Yellowstone was less than one and a half hours away.  At the time, Montana didn’t have speed limits, so it was a little less, but it’s about that now.

Yellowstone was incredible.  I have many fond memories of the park.  I’ll have to write about it sometime and share some of the stories with you.

2. Carlsbad Caverns National Park

  By Eric Guinther via Wikimedia Commons

I have an aunt that used to live near Carlsbad Caverns.  I’d take my kids there whenever we visited.  It is one of my favorite parks.  This cave system is my absolute favorite.  Whenever we went, we chose a different trail, and each one was equally as stunning as the last one.  The bat flight in the early evening was fun too.

1.  Virgin Islands National Park

  By Ben Whitney via Wikimedia Commons

The Virgin Islands National Park is my absolute favorite.

This park covers more than 60% of St. John Island.  I don’t get to visit it as often as the others, but when I travel there, I threaten to stay.

It’s gorgeous in a whole different way of my other favorites.  The water… the sand… the vegetation… I love it all.  It also has some of the best hiking trails.  There’s nothing quite like hiking in a tropical rainforest.

Every national park I have ever visited has something unique that is worth seeing.  However, these are my favorite five out of the 21 I have visited.