I have always been a habitual dieter.  Like many others, I have spent my entire life dieting.  I lose it.  I gain it back.  I decide that it’s time to take the weight off, and find the latest fad diet and give it my everything. Lose it.  Gain it.  Start again.

I’m sitting here now and asking myself why I did it.  Why did I put myself through it?  Why didn’t I just stay healthy?  What was it that tempted me to start with the sweets again?  Why didn’t I accept myself for who I was?  Why didn’t I ever feel like I was thin enough?  Why?  Why?  Why?

The questions can go on and on.  However, it’s time to put the past behind me and go forward.

I’m done with dieting.

I need to learn to accept myself for who I am.

It’s time I love myself no matter what dress size I wear.

There is much more to me than a few extra pounds.

I am a unique individual and there is no one else like me.