I live with a long-haired cat.

If you are owned by one, that’s probably all I need to say for you to understand what life is like with them.  If you don’t, their hair ends up everywhere– on the furniture, all over the floor, in every filter in the house, and anywhere else there is space.  I have even found Ziva’s long gray hair in my water.

We laugh about finding her hair sometimes, but last night gave us the biggest chuckle yet.  We saw something moving across the floor.  We thought it was a tiny mouse scurrying across the floor.  It turned out to be a big black ant, that had the misfortune, of having a fluff of Ziva’s hair land on it.  That poor little ant was probably carrying the biggest load he’s ever had.

When you have a long-haired cat, I guess not even the ants are immune from their fluff.