It’s no secret that I love to hike and travel.  I refuse to allow Crohn’s Disease to stop me from something I love so much.  Therefore, I always prepare with GI tract in mind, and how to make it the easiest trip possible.  Recently, I found the perfect travel snack– Jack Link’s Beef Steak Strip.

Over the weekend, we went hiking in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  This is one we hiked:

You know with a trail like that, we needed plenty or water and sustenance for that ten mile hike.

I don’t know about you, but I always use a camelbak.  It’s lightweight and allows me to keep my hands free to use for the hike.  It also has a very small pocket for extras.  I add snacks to mine.  This time, I tried Jack Link’s Beef Steak Strip.  It sounded hardier than a regular piece of jerky– and it was.  Yet, it was small enough to throw a bunch of them into my camelbak, without being bulky.  However, the selling point for me was how  low in fat it was.  It also had zero high fructose corn syrup.  Nothing throws me into a flareup faster than high fructose corn syrup, so I always look for natural sugar.  I also knew I needed protein for the hike, which it gave me eight grams per strip.

Living with Crohn’s, the only beef I can eat is filet mignon.  However, I have always been able to eat jerky if it’s 100% beef and very low in fat.  This one was gentle on my system, and didn’t cause any issues.  It was the smart way to go and I’m grateful I found them.

If you want to try it, you can find it here: Jack Link’s Beef Steak Strip.