Dealing with a Crohn’s flare up sucks.  When you’re dealing with a flare up, you’re chained to your house until it relents.  It feels like you lose at least five pounds every time you go to the bathroom.  You get dehydrated, which causes massive headaches.  You are doubled over in pain.  The inflammation in your body has your joints tender and swollen, even though you’re already loaded with steroids.  Food is unappealing, but if you don’t get down something, you get sick.  If you do get down something, you get sick.  It flat out sucks.

Yesterday, my daughter asked me what it felt like.  I told her it felt like having a coffee grinder grinding my intestines.

You know the really disheartening part about it?  Once you finally get over it, and you step on the scales and learn you lost 11 pounds, your body is so bloated and inflamed, it feels more like you gained it.