I finally found something that helps with the smell that comes with Crohn’s Disease!

Living with Crohn’s is no picnic– and is certainly doesn’t smell like one.  It stinks.  Literally.

Flareups are nasty.  You’re doubled over in pain and discomfort.  You’re wondering how long it’s going to last this time.  To top it off, you’re embarrassed at how horrible the bathroom smells when you leave it.  You have to leave the bathroom fan on permanently, and the bathroom still smells.  You want to spray something to mask the spell, but aerosols trigger your asthma.  That’s the last thing you need during a flareup.

I finally found something that helps decrease the embarrassment and doesn’t trigger my asthma– DooDooJuice.  I laughed when I read the name of it, and think I might have even rolled my eyes.  I’m not rolling my eyes or laughing now!  This stuff works!  Plus, I spray it BEFORE I go to the bathroom, which keeps the smell contained before it’s released.  It’s also all natural and made up of essential oils.  When I’m done using the bathroom, there is a citrus scent, instead of smelly poo.  The bottle is also small enough that I can drop it in my bag and take it with me!

Crohn’s is no fun on any level, but at least no one else has to know how horrible it smells.  I think I have found my new best friend!

If you want to try it for yourself to learn how great it works, you can get it here: DooDooJuice.