When my family wanted to find a new kitty to adopt, we went straight to the Humane Society.

There was one black cat that caught our attention.  He came to the front of his cage and was very sociable with us.  He purred when we scratched under his chin.  When we started to move to the next cage, he meowed and put his paw through the cage and batted my daughter’s arm.  We decided we wanted to spend some time with him.

When we asked someone who worked there if we could see him, she was shocked.  Then, she told us his background.

He had been at the shelter three times before.  The first time he was there, he had been rescued by the Humane Society for cruel treatment at one week old.  Yes, one week.  He was adopted a few months later, but that didn’t work out well.  There was a young man in the home who liked to terrify him.  Our kitty was returned back to the Humane Society by the teenager’s parents.  He was adopted again when he was a year old.  Once again, he was abused.  The neighbors reported it to the Humane Society and he was removed.  He was adopted again a few months later.  A single woman adopted him this time.  After having him about a year, she returned him.  She let them know her new boyfriend didn’t like cats and would kick him.  He demanded she get rid of her cats.  Personally, I would’ve kicked the boyfriend– in a choice spot and right out the door.  But that’s me.  The lady at the Humane Society said they had had him back for months before he was even ready to meet the public.  He scared easily and was terrified of men.  She asked if we still wanted to spend time with him.

Of course!  My heart went out to him and I just wanted to show him some love.

He took right to us– including my husband.  He was partial to my daughter, but he still let my husband scratch under his chin.

We adopted him.  Scout was three-years-old.

When we first brought him home, he hid under our bed anytime someone came to visit.  We gave him plenty of love and let him know he was safe in our home.  Initially, he would only come to my daughter and me for attention.  Eventually, he learned he was safe with my husband.  Yet, he remained skittish with other people, especially men, and continued to hide under the bed.  He freaked out if he caught his claw on anything.  Loud noises made him jump.

We have had our boy for three years now.  It has been a long, slow process, but he now knows he’s in his forever home.

When a man he doesn’t know comes to our house, especially a young man, he sits by the door and growls.

This morning, he came to greet me when I woke up.  He caught his claw on the mattress and waited patiently for me to remove it.  I thought back to how he used to react, and my heart filled with love for our furbaby.

I was happy that he knew he was safe in his forever home.

He has even adjusted to loud noises– at least the common ones like the doors being slammed, and my daughter’s music.

It has taken three years, but our rescue kitty has finally learned how to trust.