The weather is warming up and it’s time for me to shave my legs again on a regular basis.

I usually don’t bother shaving my legs during the winter more than once or twice a month.  We’re usually knee deep in snow and if I wear a dress or skirt, I have on a pair of warm leggings underneath them, so I don’t see any reason to shave them.  However, once the temperature gets up into the 50’s, I start shaving again.

Today, I had to wonder why.

I went grocery shopping and planned on picking up some razor blades.  When I went down that aisle, I saw a bunch of sale stickers.  Perfect!  That’s exactly what I wanted to see.  Until I saw the sale price was almost $23 for five razor blades.  What?!  Oh, but if I bought two packages, I could get a coupon for five dollars off my next purchase of razor blades.  I shook my head, complained to a friend via text message, and looked at all the razor blades, razors, and finally disposable razors.  I couldn’t understand why it costs just as much to get a new razor with four new razor blades as it cost for new razors.

How much does it cost to make a razor blade??  Seriously, what is the markup on them?  I’ve seen discount shave clubs out there advertised on Facebook.  I wonder if they’re any good.  Is it really cheaper?  Will the blades fit my razor?  Would I have to buy a new razor?  I think it’s time to investigate one of those clubs, because I’m not paying almost $23 (on sale!) for five razor blades that won’t last through the month.

For today, I bought the store brand five blade disposable razors.  However, if I’m going to shave my legs in warmer weather, I need to find an alternative to purchasing razor blades at the grocery store, because I don’t understand…

Why Are Razor Blades So Expensive?