Did you know you could visit a national park for free?

My husband and I love to go hiking.  We’re planning a weekend getaway at the end of this month, and started looking at hiking spots at the national park, while we’re there.  During that research, I learned that April 21st is the first day of National Park Week, you can get into all national parks for FREE that day!  

Sure, there’s a fee if you want to participate in activities, such as camping, but the entrance fee is still waived for the day.  The place we usually go hiking costs $10 for the entrance fee.  Sure, it’s only a $10 savings, but when you have a kid in college, $10 here and $10 there adds up quickly.

National Park Service Deputy Director Michael T. Reynolds in a news release, “National parks connect all of us with our country’s amazing nature, culture and history.”  He also said,  “The days that we designate as fee-free for national parks mark opportunities for the public to participate in service projects, enjoy ranger-led programs, or just spend time with family and friends exploring these diverse and special places.”

That sounds good to me.

Now that you know you can get into a National Park for free this month, are you going to go?  Personally, I’m looking forward to it.