By Elizabeth Whitman

Love in the Wild is known for producing strong couples after battling to win competitions together in harsh conditions.  Ben Clark and Michelle Sacco, a couple that came together on the show after a twist in the game, is one of those couples.  And now the reality TV couple have announced their wedding date.Ben and Michelle

On the first day of the new year, Ben announced on Facebook the two of them would be tying the knot.  He said,  “Happy new year everyone! Wedding date decided – the big day is Oct 26th 2013. Going to be a good yr – BOOM.”

The couple who may have lost the trip around the world to Ken and Yanina sure won in love.  After the show ended, Ben, who was born in England, but was living and working in North Carolina as a soccer coach, packed his bags and moved to Atlanta to be with his love.  Since then, the two have been going strong.

Congratulations Ben and Michelle!

Do you think the couples from Love in the Wild have a better chance at making it work since they have rough conditions as they build their relationship, instead of exotic dates?