Are you contemplating online dating?  Did you meet someone that intrigues you online and now want to meet him in person?  He just might be as wonderful as you expect.  However, he may also be portraying the man he thinks you want.

I’ve witnessed both sides—personally.  I have met several men online, including my husband.  Therefore, I know exactly what it’s like to be in that exciting place. online-dating-woman

Trust me, there are all kinds out there.  The secret to success is learning how to read between the lines, especially if you aren’t watching their facial expressions on webcam.  Because let me tell you, the information they give you will range from too honest to only in their dreams.

If they share more information with you than makes you comfortable, RUN.  Imagine what they’ll share when you get to know them.  Scary thought, isn’t it?  I once had a guy tell me that his ex-girlfriend had her clit pierced the first time I chatted with him online.  I never met him in person—for multiple reasons.  In fact, we had a rather short chat before I blocked him.

A friend of mine met a man online who told her that he was one of the Iranian hostages back in 1979.  When she looked it up and confronted him about it, he told her that his captivity was a secret because of his job in France.  Can you believe she accepted it and kept mooning over him?  She gave him over a year of her time, but only met him once in person.  When you date online, be smart about it and don’t buy into outrageous stories.

There are a lot of good men online out there.  The key is to find someone who has a well-balanced life, and is also a good balance for you.  If they are too extreme, move on.  If they are too open or too closed off, then you can figure they’ll be like in person as well.  If they want you to show them your boobs before you meet in person and are in an intimate relationship, you might consider blocking them.  Those are the guys who will want sex on the first date and is probably camming with others.

Online dating can be fun and lead to a really great place.  You just have to be smart about it.


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