I’ve been glued to my TV set for years on Tuesday nights to watch NCIS.  It was my absolute favorite show.  If I had been given a choice between watching NCIS or The Bachelor, I would’ve selected NCIS.  And I’m a serious Bachelor Nation fan.  NCIS had it all– romance, comedy, drama, and suspense.  ncis tony and ziva

It was a great show the first two seasons with the way Kate and Tony played off each other.  They were fun, even if there was no romance, since there was no chemistry between them.  Then, Ziva walked in on the third season and the show jumped from great to super fantastic.  It skyrocketed to the top of my favorite shows list.  We watched the relationship build between Tony and Ziva over the years while they were investigating crimes together, and it made awesome entertainment.  In fact, The Bachelor should take lessons on how to show that chemistry build between a couple, instead of giving us drama over romance.

I’m sad to say that now that Ziva is gone, NCIS has become just another crime drama.

There’s no more spark in the show.  The group of Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, and Jimmy had the perfect chemistry.  Sure, it was even better when Jenny was part of it, but the show still thrived without her.  I can’t say that about Ziva.  It has gone down hill significantly.

I like the way they are allowing Tony’s character to evolve, but they need to get someone in there quickly that adds more pizzazz to the show and allows the group to play well off each other, or I’m done with the show.  As it is, I’m at the point where I DVR it and watch it when I feel like it.  That’s a huge difference from being glued to the TV and willing to sit through commercials.

What do you think of NCIS now that Ziva is gone?