Survivor: Blood VS Water ended last night when Tyson took the million dollar check from Jeff Probst.  Now, we’re all looking forward to the next season:  Survivor: Cagayan.

Yes, the crew is headed back to another province in the Philippines.  This time, the crew will be the only peoJeff Probstple returning to the area, because Jeff has announced they have listened to the fans, and will not have any return players this season.

What will they have?

Brawn versus brains versus beauty.

I wonder which tribe they’ll be placed on if they have more than one of the above attributes…

Another big spoiler for next season is there will be no Redemption Island.  When someone is voted out by their tribe, they are gone, with no shot to return.

The premiere date hasn’t been given for show yet, but my guess is it will be sometime around mid February.

Will you be watching Survivor: Cagayan?