After last week’s well-deserved elimination of Stefan, the chefs are back in the Top Chef kitchen, fighting for a chance to compete in the finale.

The chefs have arrived in Alaska and are brought to Tracy’s King Crab Shack for their quickfire challenge. Unsurprisingly, the chefs must impress Padma with their version of Alaskan crab.

With only 30 minutes for the challenge, Lizzie decides to whip up a crab frittata while Brooke tries to make some crab toast with crab butter.

Meanwhile, Josh goes back to his southern roots to make some crab succotash and Sheldon pushes himself to make miso soup using the innards from the crab. He’s trying to go big by smoking some pine needles from a tree to make pine needle smoked asparagus. Um, what? Didn’t know pine needle infused asparagus was a thing…130129_2622038_The_Freshest_Salmon_577x385_16650307528

Lizzie’s frittata ended up overcooked and Josh used too much bacon in his succotash (surprise, surprise he used too much bacon). Sheldon’s risk ends up paying off and he wins $5,000. Guess we should all go rummaging in the forest for pine needles from now on!

For the elimination challenge, the chefs must serve up some salmon and sourdough. Sourdough certainly isn’t my favorite type of bread but I am curious to watch the chefs try their hand at baking. Just like Josh said with his Southern twang, “Get your bead baking face on!”

The chefs all seem to be cute and cozy, like the Brady bunch on vacation. Sheldon even plays a little practical joke on Brooke, just like Greg would to Marsha. Come on chefs, your in a competition! Where’s the drama? Let’s see this friendly competition get a little nasty.

Here’s to hoping the competition gets a little fiercer in the challenge to come.

Before the competition begitop-chef-season-10-rate-the-plate-1014-josh-02ns, the chefs are given a little “starter” — aka four, water, and yeast — and begin making their dough to let it rise over night. Lizzie is a little apprehensive but Sheldon goes right for it, using his “ninja” ways according to Brooke. Maybe almost getting eliminated has lit a fire under little Sheldon’s tushie!

In the kitchen the chefs get right to work and all of them are definitely taking some risks.

Josh is making a garlic sourdough soup with olive croutons; Sheldon makes a pea soup with salmon broth and green tea sourdough; Brooke is working on salmon with mustard caviar and garlic sourdough, and Lizzie makes salmon with citrus and beets on a sourdough roll with poppy seed butter. Sheldon may have a bit of an edge as Tom Colicchio claims he is perfectly in the mood for pea soup!

Meanwhile, Josh’s baby is a comin’ round the mountain with his wife dilated and ready to pop! We’ll see if he’s able to maintain focus…

Except for Brooke, the chefs all seem to run into a little bit of trouble. Lizzie’s salmon and sourdough sandwich with boring (I mean, a sandwich? Really? It’s like an episode from the finale, c’mon!), Sheldon’s soup apparently tasted like “baby food,” and Josh’s soup was way too garlicky. It’s definitely anyone’s game to lose at this

Unsurprisingly, Brooke took home the win and a trip to Costa Rica and Lizzie was sent packing. Her dish was just too simple and completely under-seasoned.

Will Lizzie be able to beat Kristin in Last Chance Kitchen? Probably not. But I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Next episode decides who goes to the Top Chef finale! Make sure you check back to find out.

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