When Bachelor, Dr. Andy Baldwin scooped up Tessa Horst in his arms in the season finale, after they became engaged, it felt like a true life fairytale.  However, this is real life and it didn’t last.

We still hear reports on Andy from time to time, but what’s Tessa doing?

To start with, she’s married!  Yes, she found love with Tom Pickard and they sealed the deal in Carmel, California on February 16, 2013.  1347079542

Professionally, she is the Founder & Infant Development Counselor at Infant Growth Group.  She also works as a clinical supervisor at A Better Way, where she supervises clinicians providing services for young children and their families in the Bay Area.

Impressive.  What’s really impressive is she did it without milking her five minutes of fame from The Bachelor.  In fact, Tessa was known for shying away from publicity, and hasn’t been seen clad in a bikini with her arms or legs wrapped around any men at Bachelor Nation reunions.

Tessa, one of the contestants who portrayed herself as a true lady on the show, and has remained a true lady in real life.

By Elizabeth Whitman

Photo Source: Tom and Tessa

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